Welcome to the Animals Species Fanon WikiEdit

This is the wiki where you can create any animals you wanted. there is no right or wrong in this wikia, so it can be any animal you liked, for example, you can create pokemons, mythical creatures, cryptids, creatures from movies, creatures from video games or any other creatures you liked and wanted as real animals species on this wikia. you can even make sapient animals species resembling humans, non-human animals, video game characters, or anything you would like. but there is 4 rules, 1, no trolling pages, 2, no editing somebody else's pages, 3, no bad words, and 4, don't be mean. anyway, enjoy this wikia!

What Animals Will They Be?Edit

Anything! there is no rules on this wikia on what would animals look like, behave like, what it ate, what color would it be, where it live, ect. so it can be any animals you can make on this wikia!

Latest activityEdit

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